Jackson-Brown Associates Inc | TESTIMONIALS

“I have marveled at Jackson-Brown’s native abilities to keep everything together, in order and under control. When others were losing their heads they stayed cool. It has been a pleasure working with them and sharing in a dream to help people have housing. We could not have done it without them.”

Douglas Ward, Pastoral Team,
Kanata Baptist Church


“I’ve worked with Jackson-Brown Associates for 10 years… They provide comprehensive work, they’re absolutely trustworthy and skilled and they provide a whole range of services including those related to finance, facilitation and assessment. I trust their judgment and honesty and don’t worry about anything if I’m working with them.”

Denise Albrecht, Director of External Development,
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario


“I’ve been more than impressed with Jackson-Brown’s depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. From my personal experience here’s how to work with them: hear what they say, tell them what you need to tell them, ask questions, challenge them in any way you want, then finally just do as they advise or recommend!”

Paul Welsh, Executive Director,
Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services