Westboro House (Bruce House Renovation/Expansion), Ottawa


Bruce House undertook a renovation and expansion of its existing HIV/AIDS hospice which provides residents with 24-hour health care, counselling and emotional support.


An addition was developed to complement the organization’s existing premises, a stately two-storey brick building. Two bedrooms were added to the five bedroom facility. The project also included a substantial renovation of the existing space. In addition to the palliative care spaces, the social and physical needs of the residents were addressed through a communal kitchen where residents can gather socially and an exercise room where residents can rebuild their physical strength that has deteriorated with illness. Workspaces for staff were also integrated into the plans.


Nine Ottawa interior designers participated in an innovative Designer Showcase to contribute to the interior finishing and raise funds for the project. Each designer donated their time and supplies to furnish a portion of the hospice in a way that remained true to the vintage character of the original house and its role as a place of healing and care. Durable, easy to clean furniture and finishes were chosen while special efforts were made to keep the space from looking cold and institutional.


Staged construction allowed the home to continue operations while the addition was built.


In addition to functional programming and project management services, Jackson-Brown Associates helped Bruce House consider a number of alternate sites. The due diligence work revealed that expanding the current leasehold premises would be the most practical and economically sound solution.


The Government of Canada’s National Homelessness Initiative provided capital funding for the project. Bruce House undertook a significant fundraising campaign and also received generous in-kind donations towards the project.


461 Evered Avenue, Ottawa


3,700 sq ft

Project Cost:


Construction Cost:



2003 – 2005


CSV Architects


Pranger-Debruyn Construction

Jackson-Brown Associates Team:

Phil Brown
Joanne Jackson
Gerry McDermott


Functional programming
Project planning
Project management
Capital budget development and monitoring
On-site construction supervision

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